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CalPac partners with Education Partners who provide material and service options for enrolled students. Families have the ability to build a customized curriculum that is tailored to the student's individual needs, abilities, and interests of study. Families work with their Teacher Facilitator (TF) to ensure that the materials and coursework being ordered are in accordance with their course of study and California standards.

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Approved Education Partners

All Education Partners have been directly requested by a CalPac family or teacher (direct Education Partner solicitations are not accepted). All approved Education Partners have completed the extensive application process, which includes background checks for anyone coming into direct contact with students.  

If you are not an approved Education Partner with CalPac but would like to become one or you are a CalPac family who would like to request an Education Partner, please click on the FAQ below. 

New requests for Education Partners will be accepted from August 12, 2021 to January 31, 2022.

Prospective & Current Education Partner FAQ

New Education Partner Request Process

Please contact our Education Partner Department if you have any additional questions at