COVID-19 Response Plan Resources

The health, safety, and wellbeing of California Pacific Charter Schools’ students and staff is paramount. The strategic response plan is constructed to slow the spread of respiratory infectious diseases, including COVID-19, and to establish continuity for student learning during different stages of the schools’ reopening.

State & County COVID-19 Response Resources

  • Industry Guidance for Schools - California State guidelines and considerations intended to help school and community leaders plan and prepare to resume in-person instruction
  • Blueprint for a Safer Economy - California State data by county used to assess the level of COVID-19 burden in a county
  • County Variance Info - California State map that identifies county status on the monitoring list


Who do I contact with questions?
Please contact our Independent Home Study Coordinator, Erin Rineberg at with any questions regarding in person services and reopening.

What does "CIP" mean?
CIP stands for Community & Instruction Partner. In the past, CalPac called them "vendors" and their name was recently changed. They provide educational services to students in their community.

Are we only allowed to use our funds on Community & Instruction Partners that meet virtually and not in-person?
While the county is Blue on the map, a student can only use instructional funds to meet a CIP virtually. When a county where the service is provided is in the Yellow or Green phase, a student can attend in-person services with a CIP, so long as all safety guidelines are followed and a waiver form is signed.

Can my student attend one-on-one tutoring with a Community & Instruction Partner in-person?
At this time (September 2020), all counties are in Blue, which means that all services must be offered virtually. When a county is Yellow or Green, a student can attend in-person services with a CIP.

If I pay for Community & Instruction Partner courses out of pocket, can my student(s) attend in-person tutoring/courses?
Yes, families can pay-out-of-pocket. Although what a family does with private funds is their own business, the relationship between the CIP and student is linked firmly with the school, and as such COVID restrictions must be observed. It's important that CIPs do not get creative to work around the schools' policy by enticing families with free or discount sessions that are not tied to a PO, or where a virtual lesson is paid for via a school-issued PO but in reality, the services are in-person. We would rely upon the teacher to notify our Education Partner Department if they were made aware of these types of situations. CIPs understand that the use of instructional funds (paid for by PO to a CIP) is strictly regulated by school policy and those found to be circumventing policy will be removed.