Our Mission 

California Pacific Charter Sonoma will harness the power of a flexible learning environment and modern educational technology to serve learners with diverse backgrounds and goals who seek an education alternative that stimulates and supports independent learning.

Through the power and flexibility of its standards-based online and home study curriculum, combined with superior individualized support, California Pacific Charter Sonoma will provide an inspirational learning environment with enriched and rigorous academics and high standards to empower students to become self-motivated and competent life-long learners who will make a positive impact in their communities.

Our Vision

California Pacific Charter Sonoma (CPCS) serves a diverse population of students through two modalities of education: independent home study and online. Through each educational option, students take rigorous coursework that meets or exceeds California State Standards with an individualized approach. All students have access to a robust course catalog and are encouraged to pursue academics as well as their talents and interests. With the flexibility of independent study learning, students encounter an educational experience that goes beyond the walls of a classroom.