Independent Home Study Overview

CalPac offers a tuition free independent home study personalized learning model for students in grades TK-8.  Our independent home study program is perfect for families looking for a hands on approach to deliver their child’s education. Each student is allocated school provided instructional funds to select their curriculum for each subject area from a myriad of approved providers. Using these educational resources, families have the freedom to build a customized learning experience for their children, tailored to fit their child’s needs and in partnership with a highly qualified California-credentialed teacher. Through this personalized approach students can learn at a pace and in a way that’s right for them.

CalPac provides a comprehensive A-G online high school option as part of its online program. Current students are transitioned to our online program at the end of their 8th grade year in order to best meet state and school graduation requirements.

Teacher Facilitator

All students enrolled in the independent home study program will be assigned a Teacher Facilitator (TF). TFs are credentialed teachers who work alongside each family to identify and implement a personalized learning plan for each student. The TF meets with each student and family at least once every 20 school days to support them through their homeschool journey. The meeting lasts approximately 60 minutes during which the TF will review the body of student work and select work samples to collect for state audit. The TF’s role is to help students meet or exceed grade level standards and follow a course of study that is created by the family and  the TF together. TF’s are highly qualified, experienced California credentialed teachers who are committed to personalized learning for every student and providing support to families for a successful home study experience.

Instructional Funds

Each student is allocated yearly instructional funds held by the school, with which families can select approved educational materials and services. The purpose of these funds is to support the student's personalized learning plan that is developed with the support of the credentialed teacher (TF). Use of instructional funds is up to the discretion of the school and must meet all instructional fund use ordering guidelines. Your TF will review instructional fund expectations, ordering guidelines, and collect the Instructional Fund Ordering Agreement at the start of each school year and upon enrollment. 

Students enrolled in the CalPac online program will not receive instructional funds since all of their teacher instructed online curriculum is included with enrollment.

Use of Funds

A few examples of activities/ways our students may use instructional funds through an approved Education Partner:

  • Materials and Curriculum
  • Educational Classes
  • Enrichment Opportunities
  • School Field Trips and Activities

More information about Education Partners and the ordering process is available here.

Family Expectations

Our Independent Home Study program values parent choice and input for the educational direction of each child. However, we also expect parents to work closely with their teacher facilitators to make sure students meet school expectations and accountability requirements. Students are expected to take personal responsibility for their education, and since parents are responsible for managing their child’s daily educational experience, it is important that parents are prepared to assist their students in meeting the following guidelines:

  • Attend school five days each week (Monday-Friday). Learning can take place in a variety of ways but needs to happen daily.
  • Expect to spend an average of one hour per day/five hours per week in each subject area. Actual time may vary depending on the ability level of the student and the assignments covered each day/week.
  • Submit quality work, showing evidence of progress, subject mastery and competency. 
  • Complete learning period requirements and attend learning period meetings with the TF. 
  • Stay in contact with TFs, and respond to communication in a timely and polite manner.

Watch our video to learn more about our expectations for independent home study parents and students. 

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