TK-8th Grade

TK-8th grade students in the independent home study program have a wide variety of curriculum and learning philosophies to choose from. We know that each student learns and grows at a different pace, so it is incredibly important to provide them with an educational program that is tailored to their individual learning needs, including grade level acceleration and remediation. Teacher Facilitators support families in identifying curriculum vendors and materials that best suit family learning philosophies and goals during these foundational years. 

Required Courses & Curriculum Recommendations:

All TK-8th grade students take the following required classes each year: Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies and PE. Students may also take enrichment and elective courses from approved curriculum providers and community partners. 

Below is a list of recommended curriculums for K-8 students by subject. These recommendations came from CPCS teachers, staff members, and home-educating parents. Please note that these are suggestions and can serve as a jumping off point for choosing curriculum for your child’s educational plan. Families can use this as a starting point or explore other options. 

K-8 Recommended Curriculum Options

All TK-8th grade students may order up to $2,550 in curriculum for the year depending on enrollment start date.

Students also have access to our guidance counselors as needed for social, emotional, and behavioral intervention in addition to assisting in the transition from middle school to high school.

Learning Models & Philosophies:

Family choice over curriculum and learning styles is the foundational pillar of our TK-8 program. Our families are encouraged to explore multiple learning styles, methods, and modalities during these foundational years so that students truly find curriculum and resources that work for them. Some common homeschool philosophies and methods that our families utilize include Charlotte Mason, Classical, Customized, Montessori, Traditional, Virtual, Waldorf and Unit Study. We recommend exploring these with your teacher facilitator and finding a model that works best for you. 



Transitional Kindergarten (TK) and Kindergarten (K) Entry:

Students must turn 5 between September 2-December 2. Kindergarten age-eligible students are allowed to choose TK if their 5th birthday is between June 1st-September 1st; however, they must sign the Kindergarten Continuance Form verifying that the parent/guardian agrees to have his/her child continue in kindergarten for one additional year. Students may not be promoted directly from TK to 1st grade.

For students with their 5th birthday after December 1, they must enter TK on or after their 5th birthday. They must sign the Kinder Continuance Form.  If a student turns 5 after September 1st, entering kindergarten is not an option, they must enroll in TK. To enroll in Kindergarten, students must turn 5 on or before September 1st.

A Note About Entry Grade Levels: All students enroll at the grade level that corresponds to their birth date and past school enrollment records. Refer to this table for grade and birth date reference: Grade Level Placement Chart 21/22.

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